Wifredo Pelayo Ricart Medina Francisco de Borja (Barcellona, 15 maggio 1897 – Barcellona, 19 agosto 1974) was a Spanish engineer, designer and executive manager in the automotive industry, who spent his professional career in Spain and Italy. Ricart had successfully built and raced cars under his own name in Spain. In 1936 he started to work for Alfa Romeo, as Chief Engineer for Special Projects. He remained in Alfa for eight years, the most professionally fruitful in his life, aside from his time, later on, at Pegaso. In Alfa Romeo he met Enzo Ferrari, and it seems the two characters did collide somehow. He approached company executives with the idea of launching a Spanish supercar. Ricart received the approval of the project and the Pegaso Z-102 exotic sport car was born. In Pegaso Wifredo Ricart was charged as chief technical manager.



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