In late 1955 the 356 A appeared, with a curved windshield and with several small but important improvements. Its internal factory designation, "Technical Programme 1", gave rise to its nickname "T1". The modifications to the vehicle were part of "Technical Programme 1" (T1). One of the key visual differences between the A series and the original 356 was a single-piece, curved panoramic windscreen. The front indicators were always integrated in the horn grille and all models had a modified front lid handle with inset Porsche Crest.

At the Frankfurt Show in September 1955 the new 356A Porsche was joined on the stand by a Carrera Porsche with a modified four-cam engine designated 547/1. The four-cam "Carrera" engine, initially available only in the 550 race cars, became an extra cost option starting with the 356 A, and was available through the 356 model run. As from its market launch, this type was available with five four-cylinder engines:
356 A 1300 with 44 hp
356 A 1300 Super with 60 hp
356 1600 with 60 hp 
356 A 1600 Super with 75 hp 
356 A 1500 GS Carrera with 100 hp
In early 1957 a second revision of the 356 A was introduced. The tail lights were teardrop-shaped as of 03/1957.
The 1300 models were discontinued in model year 1958 (T2). The tailpipes of the 1600 models ended between the bumper guards to give more ground clearance. The chrome-plated housing with number plate lighting and reversing light was mounted below the number plate.

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