Caramulo was created in 1921 and was the first village in the country to have basic sanitation and electricity and the only planned Portuguese town. It was founded by Dr. Jerome de Lacerda, who was a pioneer in creating a model village.
In the fifties Abel de Lacerda, passionate for art, built a modern building, to expose a collection of works of art made up of 500 pieces of painting, sculpture, furniture, ceramics and tapestries, ranging from Roman times to Picasso. His brother Joao de Lacerda in love with cars, built another building next door, designed to expose cars and motorbikes in order to facilitate its access, to expose and save. Located up in the Serra do Caramulo hills, and surrounded by rich vegetation through which there are marvellous views out over the countryside below, is this highly unusual museum. Its exceptional collection of 65 automobiles. The museum include historic examples such as the armoured Mercedes and Cadillac that spent long years in the service of the Portuguese dictator Antònio de Oliveira Salazar, a Pegaso Sport, given by General Franco to President Craveiro Lopes and the Bugatti 35B in which Lehrfeld achieved a land speed record. www.museu-caramulo.net

We'll tell the story of this museum on the occasion of its anniversary or when it will reach a sufficient number of cars.

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