Domenico Rotolo, known as Mimì, (Termini Imerese, 25 November 1909 - 25 November 1984) was a pioneer of competitive motoring in Termitano and, between the fifties and sixties, was the protagonist of many races. Above all, in his heart there was "a cursa", or the Targa Florio, and it seems that it was the Florio family, whom Domenico knew personally, who encouraged him to practice motor racing. He began his career in 1950 at the Targa Florio (Giro di Sicilia) with a Fiat Siata Balilla, he continued with a Nardi Danese 1100 sport from 1951 to 1955 when he changed car to an Osca MT4-2AD. The Rotolo are a family that lives on motoring: Antonino (Nino) Rotolo (his son) collected numerous races including hillclimbs and rallies with Fiat 600 and Fiat 124 spider. Mario Rotolo (his nephew) started with two Giri di Sicilia aboard the Simca Rally 2, and then continued with Cronoscalate and Slalom with various tourism and prototypes. Ninni Rotolo (the great-grandson), born on 8 May 1987, in Termini Imerese. His competitive activity in the world of competitions began at an early age, born from a passion passed down through the family.

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