Luigi Bazzi (Novara, 13 October 1892 – Modena, 5 February 1986) was an Italian designer. After a series of experiences, in the early 1920s he joined Fiat to deal with racing cars. From 1923 to 1933 he worked at Alfa Romeo in the same role. He met Enzo Ferrari at the Milanese car manufacturer. From here, in 1933, he moved to Modena to the newly formed Scuderia Ferrari while remaining employed by Alfa Romeo. Once the conflict was over, he officially moved to Ferrari. Bazzi, during his career, contributed to designing models such as the Alfa Romeo P2 (world champion in 1925), the Alfa Romeo 158 (which won the first Formula 1 World Championship), the Alfa Romeo 16C Bimotore and the Alfa Romeo Monoposto 8C 35. In Ferrari he designed numerous cars starting with the 125 S.

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