Italian Racing Driver. In the early 1920s Franco Spotorno left his native Liguria to seek his fortune. Once in Milan, he enters the world of the automobile, which will characterize his entire working, sporting and entrepreneurial life. Thus he began working at the Fiat branch in Milan, first as a shop assistant, then as a warehouse worker and finally as a salesman. The Fifties and Sixties marked the definitive affirmation of his human and entrepreneurial story. The dealership becomes Franco Spotorno S.P.A., one of the most important companies in the car distribution sector. His sporting past has an even more important projection of national and international prestige, when he becomes president of the Associazione Sportiva Automobilisti Italiani (ASAI), the Federation which, within the context of CONI, was the international governing body for Formula 1 and prototypes.


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