Dominick Spadaro, well-known Italian-American, a go-to man for rare and vintage Italian automobiles. Domenico Spadaro left Sicily to come to New York where he opened his shop and provided impeccable auto service “all’italiana” to the New York Tri state motor community for decades. Dominick's European Car Repair opened in 1961, making it almost sixty years old. Dominick’s sons keep the shop running. A former official Lancia sales point back in the 1960s, the shop in White Plains, New York, has been an old-car mecca since it opened. Dominick was well loved; gracious interaction with the customer was his standard. He tolerated the Americanization of his name Domenico but not operated in the typical American way. Coming of age in war-ravaged Italy, an environment of scarcity where wide-ranging mechanical skills were not just ideal but essential, his bias was to fix, not replace, and to keep the machine running, not throw it away. Locating hard-to-find parts did not upset him. At a time when plugging in modules is most common, making parts remained an option for this gifted machinist and his skilled offspring. More artisan than mechanic, one of the great things about Dominick and the many who've worked their way up in his shop, in the classic European apprentice tradition, was his holistic view of automobiles, the ability to see the interconnection between their many systems. He had no patience for those who fix one thing while ignoring others. Jam-packed with an ever-changing but always mind-bending assortment of older, name-brand thoroughbreds (Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Maserati), obscure racing machinery (Stanguellini, Dagrada), so-called etceterini (Abarths, ASA, Siata), and so on, the shop is a little old-styled but still in activity.

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