The Coppa Acerbo was an important car race, established in honor of the Abruzzo hero Tito Acerbo and held between the city streets and hills of Pescara, Spoltore, Cappelle sul Tavo and Montesilvano from 1924 to 1961. The 1934, 1935 and 1937 editions bore the name of a local racing team, Targa Abruzzo. After the war, the original title to Tito Acerbo, brother of Giacomo Acerbo, creator of the event and government minister during fascism, was abandoned and the race took on various names, maintaining however the numeral order relating to the year of edition. From 1946 the race alternated the names Circuito di Pescara, 12 Hours of Pescara, Grand Prix of Pescara and 4 hours of Pescara.

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