Mr. Carlo Croce, was son of Fioravante, an important Genoese shipowner. Fond of cars, he raced under the aegis of Scuderia Janua at a very high level for a gentleman driver. Some of his cars were registered to F. Italo Croce SpA (Fioravante Italo Croce). The name "Carlo Croce" was also imposed on a ship in the Croce fleet. He was a protagonist of the post-war Mille Miglia; he participated in 1951 on Lancia Aprilia #122, ranking 27th; 1952 with L. Castello on Alfa Romeo 1900 #201, DNF; 1953 on Lancia Aurelia B21 #221, DNF. His best result was in 1955 on a Lancia Aurelia B20 #411, ranking 18th overall. His career was short, however; according to what his daughter testified, he interrupted his racing career following a tragic accident involving a dear friend while racing and the concomitant birth of his daughter.

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