In the automotive industry, S.H. Arnolt Inc. of Chicago and Warsaw, Indiana, sold four different manufacturer's cars with Bertone bodies during the period 1953 to 1968. After MGs, Astons and Bentleys, Arnolt then negotiated with Bristol Cars Ltd in the UK for the purchase of 200 of their 404-series chassis and the 1971 cc, six-cylinder 130 hp engines from the earlier 403 model. Arnolt needed to find a new chassis source to meet his obligation to Bertone, in whom he had invested heavily, after MG proved unable to fill the original order for 200 cars. All Arnolt-Bristols were built between January 14, 1953, and December 12, 1959. The majority were built in 1954 and 1959. A total of 142 cars were produced, of which 12 were written off after a factory fire.

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