Armando Fiorelli was born in Foligno (Perugia) in 1896 and died in June 1981. Graduated from the industrial institute of Foligno in 1912, in 1920 he joined Fiat as a designer in charge of the technical offices of the workshop. Promoted to department head in 1925 and assistant to the mechanical manufacturing management of the Lingotto in 1927, he was appointed in 1929 to manage the newly created Customer Service Department of Fiat. In 1931 he was entrusted with the organization of the P. Z. Inz workshop in Warsaw for the assembly of Fiat motor vehicles in Poland, and in 1935 he was sent to France to Simca to manage the French production of the 500 "Topolino". He returned to Turin in 1944 and was appointed director of the Italian Air Force. Director of the Mirafiori plant in 1946, director of the Fiat motor vehicle division in 1955, director of the automobile division and of the industrial vehicle and Fiat tractor division in 1958. In 1963 he was awarded an honorary degree by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pisa.


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