The new 6C 2300 B Mille Miglia was presented in 1937. The first Berlinetta Touring with Superleggera bodywork is chassis 813821 which ran the 1937 Mille Miglia with race number 119, placing 4th overall with Boratto-Guidotti: Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 MM Berlinetta touring Scuderia Ferrari. With a line aimed at aerodynamics, this berlinetta is to be considered a milestone in the history of Carrozzeria Touring, it is in fact the first "Superleggera" built; Touring patented the Superleggera design using ultralight alloys and components with aluminum panels over a cage-like steel frame: lightness is guaranteed, with a 6C body weight of only 126 kg. From now on, the Pescara berlinettas became the Mille Miglia with the new Superleggera bodywork. According to the registers, the Berlinetta Mille Miglia bodywork could also be fitted to chassis no. 813913, 813914, 813915, 813821, 813851. The 1937 cars would therefore be a few number of pre-series (or 1st series) Mille Miglia Berlinettas. The “regular” 6C 2300 B Mille Miglia (2nd series) was only produced in 1938, the numbering resuming in the range of chassis 815001 and 815101. The main difference is in the cockpit roof, higher in the 1st series and which will be lowered in the 2nd. It was the last of the series of 2300 B, based on the chassis of the 6C 2300 Pescara, with a 10 hp power increase, reaching the maximum speed of 170 kph.


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