Three world records for Fiat in the year of three Alfa Romeo on the podium of the Mille Miglia.

May 17, 2018

A made in Italy triumph. World record for a 8v coupè Vignale one-off car at the 1000 Finarte auction with a sale result of over 4 million.

 With Monday night success, Finarte became the first Italian Auction House in the automotive sector for numbers and image. The auction achieved an overall 4,231,503.38 € in total sales, with a good percentage of lots sold.

Sandro Binelli, Finarte Head of the Automotive Department, said following the sale: “I am proud of the result of the auction 1000 Finarte that presented cars with an impressive and documented history, and as a thematic auction, has succeeded in the objective of giving visibility to the market of eligible Mille Miglia cars. These 4 millions are an exceptional result that can increase thanks to the ongoing private sales.”

The Mille Miglia thematic concept and the partnership with the Mille Miglia Museum were particularly fruitful, but of course the quality of the cars, with a well-documented history that made the difference. Not surprisingly, three Fiat that have distinguished themselves at the Mille Miglia, the Fiat 8V, chassis n. 106.000052 that run 37 races (lot 134 sold for 2,147,450.00 €), a one-off car: the only race-coupé of the nine coupés designed by Vignale, born as a show-car, grown as a racing car with four Rallye del Sestriere, two Giro di Sicilia, two Coppa Intereuropa in the palmares and a rich history of liveries and changes; the Fiat 1400, chassis n. 015781 that run 29 races (lot 121 sold for 345,750.00 €), the first Fiat 1400 ever to cross the finish line of the Mille Miglia, overall Italian champion in class in 1952 and the Fiat 500C, chassis n. 366836, that run the 1953 Mille Miglia with the original BS 39515 plate, since 1952 (sold 125 sold for 104,877.50 €) are all world records and are all counted among the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES, Finarte’s partner. The Fiat 8V then achieved an unexpected record: with over 2.1 million euros, including the premium, it represents the sales record in the current season for an auctioned work and one of the first sales results ever in Italy, besides being a world record for the model.

Finarte registered good results also for the automobilia section. Among the highlights of a 1937 participation medal, lot n. 2, sold for 2,366.00 €, the Trophy Ist Gran Premio Brescia, lot n. 15 sold for 4.732,00 €, and lot 35 a 1951 vertical banner of the Mille Miglia Franco Mazzotti sold for 3.312,40 €.
Finarte will continue its cars’ auction calendar with new thematic auctions to be held in the upcoming months. Further information on upcoming events, along with complete results will be found shortly at