Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2016: Best of Show to 1954 Maserati A6 GSC Berlinetta Pinin Farina

May 23, 2016

At the conclusion of a three-day Festival of Elegance on two and four wheels at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2016 in Cernobbio, Northern Italy, the Jury reached its last and most important decision on Sunday evening.

The Jury of experts selected the Maserati A6 GSC manufactured in 1954 as the “Best of Show” and consequently the winner of the Trofeo BMW Group.

Thousands of visitors went on a journey through time in bright sunshine which took them through past eras of mobility and also gave them a glimpse of the future. The Alfa Romeo Disco Volante by Touring was honoured with the Design Award for Concept Cars & Prototypes.

The presentation of the BMW 2002 Hommage and BMW R 5 Hommage studies were also in line with the event motto “Back to the Future – the Journey continues”. Once again, the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2016 confirmed its status as the world’s most exclusive, tradition-steeped beauty contest for historic automobiles and motorcycles.

A highquality field of participants and glittering parades against the picturesque backdrop of Lake Como were complemented by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic audience. The show of rarities on two and four wheels was staged jointly by the BMW Group and the Grand Hotel Villa d’Este. The event presented vehicles which impressed the Jury and the visitors not only with their flawless and authentic appearance but also with their very individual life stories. No less demanding was the task of the Jury composed of internationally renowned experts in selecting the winners of nine classes from the ranks of these extraordinary vehicles, and identifying the winner of the “Best of Show” title.

 The victorious Maserati A6 GCS Berlinetta is an outstanding example of the automobile coachbuilding artistry of the 1950s, projecting uncompromising sporting style and aesthetic perfection in a harmonious synthesis. The Berlinetta-bodied sports car from Pininfarina is considered the best preserved of just four examples which were created of this model. It was presented at the Paris Motor Show in October 1954 and lined up at the start of the Mille Miglia in May 1955. Its 2.0 litre six-cylinder engine packs 190 hp.

 Coppa d’Oro Villa d’Este: award steeped in tradition for a unique vehicle. The public-voted prize Coppa d’Oro Villa d’Este also went to a vehicle from an Italian stable. Already on Saturday, the visitors in the park of Villa d’Este voted the Lancia Astura Serie II produced in 1933 as their favourite. The Coppa d’Oro Villa d’Este was already presented in 1929 at the first beauty contest for automobiles held at the same venue. This was not the first time his Lancia had been hosted on the shoreline of Lake Como. As early as 1935, it was presented at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. Shortly before, the automobile had been clothed in the streamlined body at coachbuilding specialist Castagna, and this sleek body retains a fascinating appearance to this day. The rework was commissioned by Benito Mussolini’s son Vittorio and it was destined to support a campaign on the race track, which required the wheelbase to be shortened. In addition, the original 2.6 litre eight-cylinder engine was replaced by a three-litre V8 engine generating 82 hp from the Lancia Astura Serie III, which still powers the coupé today.

AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES is working to census all cars that participated to historical Concours (1929-1949) and Revivals (1986-2019) in order to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the first Concours in 2019.

 One amazing car that won the Concours in 1933 has already counted among the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES:

♦️ 1933 Lancia Astura Torpedo Grand Sport Carrozzeria Castagna sn: sn302056

It is the only car in the world to win the Coppa D'Oro Villa Este twice. It was bought by tobacco heiress Doris Duke aka "the richest girl in the world".

 Among the cars involved in the 2016 concours, a car is already counted among the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES: 

♦️ 1952 Rolls Royce Phantom IV Sedanca de Ville sn: 4AF20.html

It was custom-built in the 1952 for the Sir Sultan Muhammed Shah, Aga Khan III. At Villa d’Este 2016 won the Trofeo Rolls Royce to the most elegant Rolls Royce by the Jury and the Mention of Honor for the Class C, sur mesure et haute couture.

 1986-2016: 30 years of the Concorso di Eleganza di Villa d'Este Revivals.

AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES counted 33 cars that participated in this great Concours of Elegance.