AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES presents its new logo

April 14, 2016

The new trademark is based on two concepts:  “masterpiece”  and “perfection”.Amongst all the most eminent and eternal artworks, the one that more than others embodies this concept is the “Uomo Vitruviano” (Leonardo da Vinci, 1490.). 

The AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES  logo is inspired to the framework  “square/circle” on which the “Uomo Vitruviano” has been conceived and it is accomplished by a contemporary and plain lettering.The leading character of the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES project is the Car. 

AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES is only just the perfect frame for all these masterpieces.As well as the perfect man is evaluated inserting its shape in the “square/circle” frame in the Leonardian artwork, every car elected as an “automotive masterpiece” is evaluated and metaphorically inserted in this framework. 

So AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES is a sort of yardstick of the perfection of all the cars.

AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES studies the history of each car, and evaluates  its belonging to a group of masterpieces, identifying and examining some features of each car, that all together can guarantee the value.