The fine cameras at Museo Nicolis

January 28, 2015

Thanks to Museo Nicolis we are able to present its collection of cameras: 400 jewels exhibited with a knowing corollary of accessories and technical back-up.
The history of photography, which follows the development of optic principles already described in the 11th century, is studded with famous personalities, some even legendary.

From Barbaro to Da Guerre, from Talbot to Wellwood, through to the more complex applications of the Lumière brothers for the cinema. In this rich collection, microscopes, spyglasses, projectors are displayed together with the most ancient and mysterious magic  lanterns and the futuristic photographic equipment of today.

AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES together with the Museo Nicolis is completing this virtual exhibition with other rare cameras from the museum's collection.

Other museums and photography archives in the world preserve interesting collections of cameras. AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES is going to census cameras with the aim of completing this gallery. In the future we will try to expose even the cameras used by famous photographers of cars, races & motor shows along with their pictures who entered the history of the automobile.