The rare bicycles at Museo Nicolis

January 28, 2015

Thanks to Museo Nicolis we are able to present its unique and irresistible collection of bicycles: the historic bikes for “daily pedalling” as well as those of legendary champions. 

The first ancestors of bicycles appeared in the 18th century: they were called "celeripedes” and were made from pieces of wood without wheels or steering. The first wheeled vehicle with pedals dates back to 1861. Since then the bicycle has undergone unhalting development and with this romantic and sporting means of transport has conquered enthusiasts throughout the world.  

AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES together with the Museo Nicolis is completing this virtual exhibition with other pictures of rare bicycles from the museum's collection. Many automobile collectors like to collect even bicycles. Other museums in the world preserve interesting collections of bicycles.

 AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES is going to census bicycles rare and victorious with the aim of completing this gallery unique and unmissable.