April 24, 2019

Finarte's Classic Car Auction at the Mille Miglia Museum.


If the first edition of 1000 FINARTE, in 2018, was "the place to find the right car for the Mille Miglia," this year's edition is the place where you can find a car that is not only "right", but really "special" car.  Many have already noticed it and are contacting the auction house well in advance.
Finarte proposes the second edition of the "themed" auction linked to the world of the legendary Mille Miglia, one day before the start of the race. The Automotive Department, driven by the success of last year’s three Fiat world records, selected formidable lots eligible for the Brescia’s competition. By combining the logics of historical research and wise investments, Finarte is allowing collectors and amateurs to invest in rare cars with a great documented sports past. The occasion is truly unmissable for the quality of the lots at auction: amazing cars, that in many cases have been "out of the market" for a long time as part of important private collections. As the proposed lots are many, this year Finarte presents two distinct catalogues, for cars and automobilia.

Finarte presents an "extraordinary" lot: a registered brand, Ermini, that has been a crucial part of the history of the Mille Miglia. The lot features the brand, a prototype and all related projects and is a perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs or investment funds who wish to enhance or develop sports models. Moreover, the registered classes allow the production of clothing, watches, accessories, jewellery, modelling, publishing.

The catalogue features forty-two cars, 25% more than last year. Thirty-nine of these vehicles are eligible for the Mille Miglia. Again, this year, most of the cars presented are jewels coming from the world of the Italian automotive industry and craftsmanship. The catalogue features nonetheless some European and even American pearls.
Going in chronological order, the commanding presence of high-level pre-war cars is genuinely noteworthy, in complete contrast with a market that is favouring the so-called "young-timers." Coming from a reknown collection, three beautiful cars from the 1930s, two Alfa Romeo 6Cs, one (rarest among the rare) 6C 1900 GT of 1933 and a spectacular and powerful 6C 2300 GT with Cabriolet Royal in 1934 by Castagna, in a single model. Another possible unique specimen is indeed the sporty and exquisite Fiat 522 C, 1931, with its bodywork Torpedo Sport by Viotti (probably the car presented at the Olympia Motor Show of 1932 in London).

Another exceptional ERMINI lot at auction is the Fiat 1100 Sport ERMINI with its Bertone-Ortolani bodywork from 1946, the first car ever equipped with an ERMINI twin-shaft engine. In 1952, the car took part in the Giro di Sicilia and the Mille Miglia.
The auction’s catalogue also includes one of the first Maserati road cars ever produced, an exceptional Maserati A6 1500 Gran Turismo, 1949, that belonged to the pilot Ciro Basadonna and was then exhibited at Peter Kaus' Red-White Museum.

The catalogue also presents an exceptional Fiat 8, 1953, that belonged to Emanuele Filiberto Nasi, grandson of Giovanni Agnelli. The car ran the last edition of the historic Mille Miglia, in 1957, with Antonio Siddi, bronze medalist at the 1948 Olympics, and is the oldest surviving example of Fiat 8V.
Among the lots eligible for Brescia’s race the auction features some "best-buy" pre-war and post-war cars - with an eye on the budget. Among the vehicles a Fiat Balilla, a 508C and a Renault 4CV.

Another novelty is the presence in the catalogue of some exceptional cars, outside the scope of the Mille Miglia, nonetheless unobtainable pieces of art. These cars are presented as a preview of the auction that the Automotive Department is already organising in October of this year. Among the vehicles the catalogue features the very elegant 1965 Lancia Flaminia 2.8 3B Coupé Pininfarina, that belonged to the great actor Marcello Mastroianni and the queen of the "young-timers," a quite special Lancia Delta Integrale. It is, in fact, a Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione 1 "Martini 6" from 1992, from the Pesenti family’s collection, former owners of the Lancia brand.

Sandro Binelli, Head of Finarte’s Automotive Department, says: "It is a great honour for me to present the second edition of the 1000 FINARTE auction; this year we have gathered not only rare cars, especially pre-war cars, but also cars that have been jealously guarded with affection and attention for many years (some even for 40 years) in the same collections. I am proud, together with the Automotive Department, in collaboration with AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES, to be creating this unique circumstance in which the “baton” will pass to new owners who, I am sure, will be equally jealous and careful, for who knows how many years. I can do no more than urge you to discover the lots at auction, without wasting any more time: you could put a special car in your garages!"

1000 FINARTE is the best place to develop an interest in the history of motor racing - with a car or an object - and the two dedicated catalogues (cars and automobilia) are the essential buyers’ guide, as they give, most completely and transparently possible, clear indications on the lots specifying the conditions and potential at a historical and economic level (where eligibility of the cars takes on a primary role).

1000 FINARTE does not only feature cars: more than doubled is the vibrant automobilia section, always with a Mille Miglia theme, cups, pins, medals, unique numbers, photographs, unpublished documents, autographs of the protagonists, memorabilia and new this year car manuals and brochures.

Moreover, Finarte presents a selection of cars for private sale, where we find other rare, if not unique, vehicles. For information, contact the Automotive Department and request the "Private Selection" file.