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1947 AMP Special

Chassis no. 1566
Engine no. 824046
Coachbuilder Prete


The 4CL, and its derivative 4CLT, were single-seater racing cars built by Maserati from 1939 to 1950. The 4CL was introduced at the beginning of the 1939 season as a rival to the Alfa Romeo 158 and the ERA cars. It raced in the voiturette class of the international motoring Grand Prix. Although the competitions ceased during the Second World War, the 4CL was one of the models that prevailed when racing resumed in the late 1940s. Experiments with a two-stage supercharger and a tubular chassis eventually led to the introduction in 1948 of the revised 4CLT model. The 4CLT was constantly updated over the next two years. The result was the 4CLT / 50 model, introduced in the inaugural year of the Formula 1 World Championship in 1950. In the immediate postwar period, and in the first two years of participation in the Formula 1 championship, the 4 CLT was the car of choice. many private subjects, which led her to participate in many other competitions.

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