The tradition of motor racing in Boavista begins in the 20s, where it took place for some years "launched Kilometres". But the first edition with formal name of Circuito da Boavista took place during 1931. Three particularities can be registered: it happened in a year when they were organized a total of 8 circuits in Portugal; for the first and last time in our country the winner was determined by the Handicap system (as used in golf); the circuit had two long straight routes duly tarred on the sidebands of the Av. da Boavista, and it was joined by two 10 meter radius curves. Over the following 2 years, 1932 e 1933, it was decided that the pilot who won the race would be the one who drove the further during 90 minutes, and the races were divided in two different categories: Sports and Race. The 1950 meant a turning point for the Circuito da Boavista. It has been reconfigured and resized with a new track of 7.775 meters, and with the inclusion of new routes. The Organizer of the Event - ACP, Automòvel Clube de Portugal - expanded the circuits' horizons by achieving the presence of the best national pilots as well as some international talents and it started having an international value. The "I International Oporto Circuit" was born, taking place on the 18th June 1950.  www.circuitodaboavista.com

We'll tell the story of this event on the occasion of its anniversary or when it will reach a sufficient number of cars.

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